Atlantic Balloon Fiesta

September 9th, 10th, 11th, 2016

balloons and their pilots 2016


The fiesta committee would like to welcome our 2016 balloon meister Brian Bell. Brian started Ballooning in 1985 with Cross Canada balloons (Mike Cross) while living in Thornhill On. “I got my first ride with Ken Penfold over the Newmarket skies, our reward for crewing.” “Bruce Blanchard and I started our first commercial contract experience with Pizza Pizza under Bell Flight Services. Years went by before John Walters and I concocted Sundance Balloons on his townhouse porch. I think the contract most people relate me to is Hawaiian Tropic Suncare, the Fish balloon, it was always a hit with the crowds from Albuquerque NM to Sussex NB. Sold my Balloon co in 1997 to fly full time in New Mexico. I currently reside in Brantford On, my occupation now is a Network administrator for multiple corp entities.” “My flight experience covers over 3500 flights and countries around the world, I’m not a regular on the festival tour any longer but keep current flying a 210 Lindstrand and a 105 Areostar locally with Skyward Balloons in Kitchener.” “I would like to bring to Sussex an experience the pilots and spectators will appreciate and enjoy, provide a safe and fun atmosphere that all will look forward to in the future.”